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Habitat For Humanity

Habitat understood that most people don’t know exactly what they do. Many people think that Habitat builds and then gives away houses. In actuality, they have a process that helps people learn to navigate the home-buying process and getting a home loan.


Habitat builds more than homes. They build community. It’s an incredible cycle of positivity—strong communities lead to successful homeowners and successful homeowners create better communities.


Habitat hired us to tell the story of their home buying process and show the ways they build community, not just houses and why that creates successful homeowners and better communities.

We spent time with them to understand their key messages then we built emotionally engaging storytelling around their messaging priorities and key objectives.


If you want an insight into why this work is so meaningful to us at Wild And Curious, take a moment and watch these stories.


How can we help your organization have more impact through video storytelling?

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