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Micah 6 Community

Micah 6 is a community-service nonprofit based in Pontiac, MI. They play a critical role in the neighborhoods they serve providing food from their Sprout fresh food store and community garden along with day camps that offer a safe space for recreation and meals for kids.


Micah 6 came to us because they needed a film to help them tell the story of the positive impact their work is having in Pontiac with the goal of boosting their fundraising efforts and capital campaign to fund a new community center. 

In order to develop effective videos that will help them achieve their fundraising objectives, we took the Micah 6 team through a series of strategy and messaging workshops.

We learned that foundation grants that come with rigorous requirements are among the top sources of funding for their organization.


Based on our findings, we determined it was important that we prioritize three key messages in the videos:


1) Document the need in the community and capture scenes that tell the story of the impact of Micah 6.

2) Share the important services Micah 6 provides to fill these needs.

3) Show the broad-based support Micah 6 has among grassroots members of the community as well as key government, elected, business and civic leaders.

Messaging That Gets Results

We built a storyboard based on these messaging priorities, helped Micah 6 connect with influential leaders in the community—from their congressional representative to the Mayor of Pontiac—and secured their participation in interviews.

We spent time on the ground integrating into the Micah 6 Community—and through our consistent presence we were able to capture a diverse cross-section of voices and faces.

During our work we developed a strong connection with the community and deep admiration for the Micah 6 team. It became important to us that we capture  the joy and resilience we observed while documenting the very real need.

Through these scenes we capture the hope created by a community that has come together to help each other and the change-making power of Micah 6. 

We spent a year capturing footage through different seasons in order to add a layer of storytelling that demonstrates the consistent, longterm commitment of the Micah 6 organization.

Micah 6 features the videos on their website, social media, email marketing and in fundraising presentations. They are key tool supporting the success of their capital campaign to fund a new community center. 

Consider giving to support Micah 6 Community and their important mission:

Client: Micah 6 Community

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