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EFS Energy

Wild & Curious has worked on several projects with EFS Energy, documenting their solar product offerings, installation process, the financial and environmental benefits of going solar and the experiences of their customers.


EFS Energy provides affordable renewable energy solutions by installing solar panels for industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential customers.


Our video storytelling highlights the impactful testimony of one of their agricultural customers with documentary-style footage of his farm and life, lending richness to a real-world case study that documents the benefits of EFS' alternative energy offerings.

We used drone footage to create a memorable, emotional connection capturing the beauty of the family's farmland at sunrise.


Our strategy and creative teams collaborated on developing motion graphics to effectively communicate EFS' key messaging. Through motion graphics we were able to improve EFS' conversion  by simplifying complex technical explanations and abstract concepts into easy-to-digest information.

Client: EFS Energy

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